Summer Camp


Welcome to our summer camp program, which offers indoor and outdoor activities, field trips and best of our workshops.

In summer 2022 we offer three different themes for children between 6 - 13 years old, which will alternate through the whole summer program. 


How does our brain investigate the outside world and make sense out of it? Like agents on a mission, our senses are the manner in which the brain gathers information and interprets the world. So, give yourself a multi-sensory experience in order to stimulate your creative brain! 


Short description: 

- Get a glimpse into the world of visual and auditory illusions and learn how they occur. 

- For a tactile experience: play the handpan & percussion instruments, try out digital painting, or airbrush body painting.

- The senses of smell & taste won't be overlooked: do some fun science experiments to investigate your senses.

- How about adding a 'sixth sense' to your sensory set of skills and developing a superpower that will help you become a better communicator? 

- Learn the secrets of body language and facial microexpressions with Charlie Chaplin, Jim Carrey and other great actors & actresses. Act on stage & take part in shadow acting. 

- Explore your voice (recite poems and sing with a microphone, music station and a vocal effects processor, read in front of a small audience, improvisation as a group experience). 

- Visiting museums with interesting exhibitions on this topic, such as the Museum of Illusions, the Museum of Chocolate or visit a bakery in town, the Art History Museum, parks & playgrounds. 

THE MIRAGE OF ACCESSORIES / Why Details Matter (In Two Parts) 

'A designer knows (s)he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.' 

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 'The Little Prince')


We will look into the awesome world of accessories, train our aesthetic eye and, above all, discover the value of the detail.




Short description: 

- Keep Your Hair Smart: learn the basics of cutting and styling your hair, while practicing on a mannequin head. Take guidance from a hair-dresser and try your hand at twisting, shaping and arranging a wig.

- The Diary of A Nose: explore the science of smell and create & design your own perfume, using a professional evaporator in order to produce essential oils out of natural sources.

- Visiting museums with interesting exhibitions on this topic, such as the Botanical Garden in Schönbrunn, the Botanical Garden in the Belvedere Palace, as well as visiting some perfume shops in the city for market analysis and testing.





Short description:

- A brief journey through the history of jewelry will be combined with learning practical skills of making bracelets and necklaces. 

- We will look into the jewel designer-maker/ wallet /bag designer profession and get in contact with a professional who will open the studio for the kids' curious eyes and let them get fascinated by firsthand information. 

- Visiting museums with interesting exhibitions on this topic, such as the Imperial Treasury of Vienna, the World Museum and the Art History Museum.  

Daily Schedule

8 – 9: Drop off & snack

9 - 12: Learning activities, games, outing / arts & handicrafts, science activities

12 – 13: Lunch at a restaurant nearby  

13 - 15 : Outing / learning activities, games, arts & handicrafts, science activities  

16: Pick up


Summer Camp Fees

(Refreshments and lunch are included)

Monday to Friday Weekly Fee
€ 246,00