Summer Camp


Our English Summer Camp Program 2024 offers captivating indoor and outdoor activities with a well-balanced schedule of play and learning enterprise. It is designed for small groups of primary and secondary school students and carefully curates original and excellent experiences!


Camp 1. The Phantom Guests Are Already Heeerre!  

Every instant of our lives we navigate through an infinite universe of hidden microorganisms. If we pause a moment to think about them, we'll go through a rainbow of clashing emotions. That's why they deserve our attention, as they greatly influence our existence. This camp will approach the topic from different but interconnected perspectives: aesthetic, scientific and practical. Not by chance, the contemporary art world shows a keen interest in bioart, which focuses on the world of microbes. In this context, the boundaries between art and science are intentionally blurred and valued.

The children will be encouraged to consider the reality of germs, bacteria and viruses from a constructive, creative point of view. They will do plenty of hands-on activities, such as experiments, drawings and collages, as well as create a 3d lighting object, while, at the same time, learn the basics of this microscopic life and principles of hygiene. The students will visit the science lab at the Center for Physiology and Pharmacology at the Medical University of Vienna and get first-hand information in the field of microbiology from the amazing team of scientists. With a bit of luck (depending on our ability to synchronize with the summer schedule), they might even get the chance to meet a bioartist (more information on this will come soon).


Camp 2. Black Crow, White Crow - The Game of Thoughts 

Imagine you could live in an ideal society... What would it be like? Who would rule us and, actually, what makes a good leader? What tools would you use to exert influence for the common good? What role would you play in this society and what values would be crucial in it? This is an invitation to an open dialogue and brainstorming sessions that shall benefit everyone and especially the children who study Plato's and Descartes' philosophy as well as the younger future designers of the smart cities. As a strong source of inspiration for the participants, we facilitate a special meeting with a UN and/ or OSCE staff member. For the practical part of the camp, the students will have plenty of choices (depending on their age and level of competence), such as: developing an effective political candidate profile, doing on-site research (parks, playgrounds, sports and leisure centers, etc.) and taking photos that identify specific needs in the local community and coming up with viable solutions, building a 3d model/sketch of the proposed solution.


Camp 3. Paper Flow --  The Reverie of Simple Forms

Between 1966 - 1968 paper clothing took the world by storm. The fashion world was stunned by this ephemeral trend among the youngsters who were willing to experiment with novelty.

Inspired by this era's phenomenal aesthetic, our camp aims to mirror its happy-go-lucky and maverick outlook. Boys and girls will creatively explore the uncharted terrain of paper's numerous possibilities of expression. Matrix style clothing items, remarkable armour with a metallic effect, elegant recycled paper dresses and accessories with theatrical elements, - they'll all have their say and certainly cast a spell on us!! The children will improve their knowledge on human anatomy, with a focus on the anatomy for tailors, body proportions and how to take correct measurements in order to create their own piece of clothing. Besides, this camp offers the participants a sensational opportunity to meet the amazing textile designer and artist, Lena Kvadrat and visit her outstanding fashion studio/workshop, ArtPoint. She will reveal some little secrets of the industry and give a glimpse into the unsung work that goes on behind the scenes of making beautiful clothes. 


Camp Routine

8 – 9: Drop off & snack

9 - 12: Field trips / learning and play activities

12 – 13: Restaurant Lunch

13 - 15: Learning and play activities / field trips

16: Pick up


Camp Dates

Camp 1. The Phantom Guests Are Already Heeerre!
July 8th - 12th, , July 29th - August 2nd
Camp 2. Black Crow,  White Crow - The Game of Thoughts:
July 15th - 19th
Camp 3. Paper Flow - The Reverie of Simple Forms:
July 22th - 26th, August 5th - 9th

Camp Fees

308 € for children between 6 - 9 years old

340 € for children 10+ years old


Registrations can be made via email: or