Summer Camp


Our English Summer Camp Program 2023 offers captivating indoor and outdoor activities with a well-balanced schedule of play and learning enterprise. It is designed for small groups of primary and secondary school students and carefully curates original and excellent experiences!


Camp 1. Soundscape: The Charm of Noises, Music & Words 

A vastness of multicoloured sounds surrounds us every day everywhere, they influence us greatly and we are only limitedly aware of them. We produce our own particular sounds, bodies generate noises while they move and voices are always wanting to be heard... This sonic environment is a domain that certainly holds much room for improvement of self-expression. The hunt for diverse sounds, rhythms and acoustic experiences will be the highlight of this week.
The soundscape of the subway, supermarket, forest and friendly conversations will be recorded and evaluated, interpreted and inserted in a creative group artwork.

The students with advanced language skills will be encouraged to turn their knowledge into action and write a poem or essay using familiar figures of speech, recite and read literary compositions using the available equipment and sound library. In an ideal setting, the participants shall have the opportunity to work with a conductor and a rehearsal pianist/ organist and perform a mini-concert in an acoustically perfect room of a catholic church.

Themed field trips: The Concert Hall @ Musikverein Wien or the Museum of Sound, a catholic church in the city and/or other acoustically interesting venue. 


Camp 2. Graphic Design & Advertising

The goals of this camp are to introduce key aspects of communicating ideas and messages in a visual way and to show how graphic design and advertising are a match made in heaven. And frankly, what other meaningful objectives or efficient learning techniques apply here than developing a self-promotional advertising project?! 

The right setup of a photo studio with fancy accessories will create the perfect atmosphere to get the children started in this creative endeavour and learn how to stand out from the crowd. They will role-play multiple tasks, those of a model and photographer, designer and promoter and shall build together an effective working team.

Themed field trips: 'All My Little Words' by Yoshitomo Nara @ Albertina Modern, representative marketplaces and/or an advertising agency.


Camp 3. Architectural Photography & Video-Reportage

There is something unique about viewing the world through a photographer's lens! This week's camp is a photographic exploration of our city with focus on architectural details, such as: portals and staircases, arcades and columns, cupolas and balconies, etc. 

Equipped with professional digital cameras, the children will learn how to take creative control over their camera settings, practice basic camera techniques, photography composition and editing styles. They will improve their practical skills and aesthetic knowledge, make a beautiful collection of photographs of moody interiors and exterior landscapes. 

The students will shoot a short video in front of a favourite building, whose content shall unfold its historical background, architectural value and subjective insight. Throughout the week, the project may extend (time-sensitive) and become highly imaginative: the students will dismantle and reconstruct fantastical buildings, not with brick and mortar, steel and glass, but with scissors, glue and self-made photographs. 

Themed field trips: Museum of Cameras and Photography (permanent collection), 'Imagination Factory' by Elisabeth Wild @ Mumok, architecturally interesting public buildings in the city. 

Camp Routine

8 – 9: Drop off & snack

9 - 12: Field trips / learning and play activities

12 – 13: Restaurant Lunch

13 - 15: Learning and play activities / field trips

16: Pick up


Camp Dates

Camp 1. Soundscape: The Charm of Noises, Music & Words:
July 10th - 14th
Camp 2. Graphic Design & Advertising:
July 17th - 21st, July 31st - August 4th 
Camp 3. Architectural Photography & Video-Reportage: 
July 24th - 28th, August 7th - 11th 

Camp Fees

278 € for children between 6 - 9 years old

306 € for children 10+ years old


Registrations can be made via email: or