Treasure Cave

"Not all treasure is silver and gold."

(The Pirates of the Caribbean)

Our offer consists of a successful combination between all classes listed at the Ship Ahoy section, and depends on children’s individual interests and the shape and dynamic the group takes.

We welcome all children, regardless of English level. Our program is designed for small classes, up to 8 children of similar ages. In order to achieve this, we schedule classes as follows:

per semester (17 weeks x 120 min)
€ 435,60

try-out lesson (120 min)
€ 27,50

For parents who enroll siblings, we offer 10% discount for the second child.
The fees should be directly transferred to the bank account below, prior to the beginning of each semester/block:
IBAN: AT58 2011 1829 8802 3200 Erste Bank

Make up Lesson Policy

We try our best at being flexible and understandable with unexpected situations, at the same time willing to organize our classes in a most effective way.

We offer 2 make up lessons for missed classes during a 10 block, respectively 3 make up lessons within a semester. The availability of make up lessons must be checked with the class teacher and must be used within the upcoming max. 3 weeks following your absence.

The make up lesson must be used within the enrolled unit. They will not roll over to a next unit or semester and they cannot be used as a future lesson credit. If the attendance of a make up lesson is not possible in any case, you may want to invite your friend to replace you.

Last minute cancellations are not eligible for make up lessons.